Remote control and monitoring
Through deeply understanding you and your business, we strive to provide safe and efficient remote control and monitoring for your airport

Remote Control and Monitoring

Our product portfolio comprises intelligent product and software solutions for your entire airport. We always work in close relation with our customers, striving to gain operational value.

Remote control and monitoring 

With our Remote Control and Monitoring System, RCMS you can control and monitor your airport systems for NAVIADS, runway lights, taxiway lights and stopbars. 

RCMS includes advanced technical and performance monitoring features that provides the technical staff with real-time error and event logging. 

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Runway Observation 

Our Runway Observation System, ROS, provides you with an easy-to-use and efficient test of runway friction and SNOWTAM reports.

It gives you the needed interface and control software to implement the friction measurements, manual observations and also the capabilities to submit SNOWTAM reports directly from the friction testing vehicle. 

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Kim Foged

Kim Foged

Head of ATM Systems, Insero Software

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